Conveyor-based, In-motion Cubing Systems & Dimensioning Systems

When you need the best industrial-grade cubing systems and dimensioning equipment, trust Walz Label & Mailing Systems for some of the most advanced technology. Walz offers cubing and dimensioning systems from CASI, a leading manufacturer of a wide range of cubers, checkweighers, and other dimensional weighing and scanning systems.


CASI manufactures in-motion cubing systems designed for cartons as well as pallets. Each cubing and dimensioning system may be designed as standalone or as part of an integrated system for receiving, shipping, or cubing a trailer.


CASI also sells and integrates CubiScan static systems used for various applications such as populating SKUs to a WMS with weights and dimensions, outbound shipping, and even odd-shaped items for packaging and shipping needs.


When you need the best in dimensional weighing and cubing systems, choose Walz Label & Mailing for your dimensioning system needs.


In Motion Cubing Systems (Conveyor Based)

3000 Low Cost Dimensioner 4000 Carton Dimensioning 4010 Inline Cubing System
case slitter
The SolidCube 3000 Series is designed as the lowest cost inline cubing system with integrated scale. replaced by 4010 – The SolidCube 4000 is a carton dimensioning system used in receiving and fulfillment. The SolidCube 4010 is a high accuracy/high speed cubing system. Great for hi speed shipping systems.
Checkweigh Cuber UPS/FedEx/DHL Cubing  
case slitter case slitter  
The CASI 4971 is a PC based, free standing, self contained checkweigher and in-motion, highly-dynamic cubing system in one unit. Our UPS/FedEx/”Others” Solution solves the problems associated with random carton sizes for compliance of dimensional weight.  

Pallet Weighing & Cubing Systems

Inline Pallet Weigher and Cuber Overhead Pallet Scanner Pallet Scanning System
in motion scales pallet dimensioning system pallet dimensioning scanner
The CASI SolidCube™ 6961 pallet checkweigh measures the length, width, height, and weight of pallets in motion on pallet conveyor. Pallet scanning systems are simple to operate and the data management functionality enables seamless integration into existing shipping and warehouse management systems.. Pallet scanning systems provide fast, accurate dimensional measurements in the toughest of conditions

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