Zebra LS4208

Zebra LS4208

Category | Bar Code Scanners
Type | Handheld Bar Code Readers

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Increase performance with Zebra’s next-generation scanner for customers who value productivity


With the Zebra LS4208 handheld laser bar code scanner, you’re able to effortlessly speed throughput, even with bar codes in poor condition. Wherever you need to quickly capture and process data such as at the retail checkout counter, in pharmacies and hospitals, and in light warehouse environments, this ergonomically designed scanner helps you increase accuracy, improve productivity, cut maintenance costs and reduce the risk of downtime.


The Zebra LS4208 delivers intuitive, productivity enhancing functionality that allows even your novice users to quickly capture data. Its innovative multi-line rastering scan pattern virtually eliminates the need for end-user training, and lets you scan all types of one-dimensional (1D) bar codes, including damaged symbols or stacked GS1 DataBar (formerly RSS) bar codes. The PDF configuration expands the decoding capabilities to include PDF417, microPDF and composite symbologies. In addition, the scanner’s 19-inch scanning range and superior motion tolerance gives users greater flexibility to rapidly and accurately capture data from a variety of items without pausing between scans, while recently added faster scanning and decoding capabilities mean employees are able to process more.


Designed for constant, rigorous use in retail, office and light industrial settings, the LS4208 provides you with reliability you’ll be able to depend on. Along with a 6 ft. drop spec that allows the scanner to keep on running even after dropped repeatedly to concrete, the LS4208 also offers single circuit-board construction. By eliminating the failure points commonly found with interconnect ribbon cables, this unique design feature helps to lower your total cost of ownership.



  • 1D, PDF and composite code scanning - Available in both 1D-only (SR model) and PDF/Composite (PR model) configurations.
  • Durable construction and patented, single circuit-board design - Withstands multiple drops to concrete, minimizing downtime due to accidental drops.
  • Multi-line rastering scan pattern - Improves productivity by reducing the need to rescan bar codes or key in data.
  • Superior motion tolerance - Enables end users to quickly move from one bar code to the next.
  • Wide working range - Reads good quality as well as poor quality codes at similar ranges, reducing re-scanning.
  • Checkpoint Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)- Offers dual functionality save critical counter space.
  • Plug-and-play setup, intuitive scanning - Enables rapid deployment and immediate use without formal training.
  • Remote Scanner Management (RSM) - Reduces total cost of ownership by enabling remote, network-based device management.
  • Optional hands-free Intellistand - Enables presentation scanning, with automatic switching between hands-free and handheld modes.
  • GS1 DataBar bar code support - Supports the latest symbologies to future-proof your investment.

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