Zebra DS6878-HC

Zebra DS6878-HC

Category | Bar Code Scanners
Type | Healthcare Barcode Readers

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The DS6878-HC cordless imager from Zebra enables hospitals to automate data capture, improve data accuracy, increase productivity and streamline everyday processes in patient rooms, laboratories and the pharmacy. Its matchless feature set meets the unique requirements of healthcare facilities. An intuitive and ergonomic design combines with dependable and rapid capture of bar codes and other images, allowing caregivers to remain focused on the patient not the technology.


The DS6878-HC is easy to install virtually anywhere inside the hospital environment.  The flexible base options enable easy mounting horizontally or vertically on walls, cabinets and workstations. Cordless freedom via Bluetooth allows users to easily move to the bar code, eliminating the hazards associated with cables as well as the need to disturb or inconvenience patients, while offering the flexibility required for rapid data capture in emergency situations. When paired with the standard charging cradle, the DS6878-HC offers the ability to charge the scanner over the USB cable, eliminating the need for a separate power supply and reducing the management headaches associated with mounting a cordless scanner to a computer or workstation on wheels (COW or WOW).


The ability to capture any 1D or 2D bar code as well as signatures, documents and still photographs enables this single device to error-proof and simplify many processes throughout your facility from medication administration to specimen collection, admitting and inventory and dietary management. The DS6878-HC re-defines imaging technology, offering easy first-time capture of any type of data through:  Laser-like performance on 1D and 2D bar codes; an intuitive aiming pattern; scanning in any type of lighting; the ability to capture even poor quality and damaged bar codes; and full omnidirectional scanning, eliminating the need to precisely align bar code and imager.


The DS6878-HC is designed specifically to help protect patients and caregivers against dangerous and deadly illnesses. IP43 sealing and specially selected plastics that utilize proprietary molding technologies create a hygienic design that allows safe wipe-downs and sanitizing with bleach, alcohol, soap and water and more without harming the housing or the sensitive scanning components.


Zebra offers best-in-class drop specification 6 ft./1.8m drops to concrete. The result is dependable operation, despite the inevitable everyday drops, bumps and spills.


  • Designed for deployment on a computer or workstation on wheels (COW or WOW)  USB charging capability eliminates a power supply and the typical cable management headaches normally associated with mounting a cordless scanner to a medical cart, computer cart or workstation (COW or WOW); horizontal or vertical installation provides the flexibility to keep the work surface clear while ensuring that the scanner is always in easy reach and charging
  • Lightweight ergonomic design  Easy to hold regardless of hand size; reduces fatigue; enables all day scanning comfort to protect productivity in scan-intensive applications
  • Disinfectant-ready  IP43 sealing and a specially designed plastic housing allow safe wipe-down and cleansing with a wide variety of harsh chemicals (See Specification Sheet for approved agents and cleansers)
  • Superior durability  Offers best-in-class drop specification with the ability to survive 6 ft./1.8m drops to concrete and IP43 sealing, ensuring reliable operation in spite of everyday spills, drops and bumps
  • Government grade security with MAX Secure FIPS 140-2 certification enables compliance with the most stringent industry security regulations, including HIPAA, PCI and requirements for sensitive government applications (requires FIPS configuration scanner and CR0078-P base)
  • Comprehensive advanced data capture  Captures 1D and 2D bar codes, signatures, documents such as drivers licenses and insurance cards, facial images for identification, video footage and more; eliminates the need to purchase multiple types of devices; supports the creation and maintenance of electronic medical records (EMRs)
  • Superior high-performance scanning on all bar codes  The integrated revolutionary Zebra SE4500 imager eliminates the performance degradation common in 2D scanning, delivering: laser-like performance on both 1D and 2D codes; rapid and accurate capture of even poor quality and damaged bar codes; and full omnidirectional scanning, which eliminates the need to precisely align bar code and imager, improves ergonomics and protects productivity
  • Bluetooth® v2.1 with EDR  Provides a secure wireless connection to the scanner base station for cordless convenience and safety
  • RSM (Remote Scanner Management) ready  Reduces total cost of ownership by enabling remote, network-based device management of all devices in all locations
  • Supports 123Scan2 scanner configuration tool  Enables rapid and easy customized set-up through a free, wizard-based PC software tool

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