Zebra MC2100

Zebra MC2100

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Zebra MC2100 Mobile Computer


With the Zebra MC2100, can affordably automate the capture of inventory data right at the point of work.  Paper-based forms that need to be transcribed and manually entered into a computer are eliminated with the Zebra MC2100 mobile computer, reducing keying errors and improving productivity. 


You can choose the scan engine that will deliver the best performance on the types of data you need to capture.  The Zebra MC2100 offers more choices than any other device in its class:  1D linear imager, 1D laser or a 1D/2D area imager.  All three scan engines can capture damaged, dirty and scuffed bar codes on the first scan.


The lightweight Zebra MC2100 mobile computer is designed for comfort and optimized for one-hand use. The sculpted finger perch on the back of the device gives users a secure hold.  Keys are sized and placed for easy single-handed operation.  Weight is well balanced and feels light in hand.


Unlike some handheld mobile computers, a touchscreen option on the Zebra MC2100 mobile computer enables simplified data collection, allowing users to tap the screen to navigate through applications and enter data.


You can count on best-in-class processing power, rugged design, superior ergonomics, flexible data capture options, enterprise-grade push-to-talk (PTT), centralized management and the ability to create cross-platform, operating system-agnostic applications.


  • Industry-leading scanning performance on any bar code:  Choose the scan engine that will deliver the best performance on the types of data you need to capture.
  • Superior ergonomics for superior ease of use: The lightweight Zebra MC2100 is designed for comfort and one-handed usability.
  • Rugged design for all-day, everyday use:  With a drop and tumble rating, IP54 sealing, a recessed keypad and a Corning® Gorilla® Glass exit window, the MC2100 keeps on working despite inevitable drops, bumps and spills.
  • Real enterprise-class push-to-talk (PTT):  With the integrated Push-to-Talk Express client, you can enable group broadcast and private-response PTT.
  • Create a single application version for the MC2100 and your other Zebra mobile computers: RhoElements allow you to create a single application that looks, feels and acts the same on Zebra mobile computers, regardless of whether it's running on an Android, Microsoft® Windows Mobile or Windows CE operating system.

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