Honeywell Dolphin 99GX
Dolphin 99GX

Honeywell Dolphin 99GX

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Type | Industrial Mobile Computers

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Honeywell Dolphin 99GX Mobile Computer

Purpose built for transportation and logistics applications, the Honeywell Dolphin 99GX mobile computer with an integrated handle provides user friendly ergonomics, cutting-edge wireless technology, multi-functional data capture and extreme durability for front-line workers operating in a variety of locations ranging from loading docks to front line retail.


Integrated motion, light and proximity sensors on the Honeywell Dolphin 99GX help conserve battery life and improve ease of use by automatically optimizing the offering for the current environment. Unlike other industrial mobile computers, multiple keypad options are available to ensure that the device is configured to meet diverse data input needs. With additional features such as an ultra-bright 3.7 inch display that can be read, even in direct sunlight, the Dolphin 99GX offers superior usability.


Honeywell Dolphin 99GX Product Highlights

  • Superior Durability: The Honeywell Dolphin 99GX mobile computer incorporates an IP64-rated design that withstands multiple 6 feet drops to concrete and 2,000 1 meter tumbles, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership for enterprises

  • Shift-PLUS Power Management: Enhances productivity by providing full shift battery life, eliminating the need for employees to carry spare batteries or chargers

  • Adaptus® Imaging Technology 6.0: The Honeywell Dolphin 99GX enables multi-functional data capture by providing fast scanning of linear and 2D bar codes with excellent motion tolerance, as well as seamless image capture

  • Fast and Reliable Wireless Connectivity: Delivers full wireless coverage for applications inside and outside of the four walls, allowing real-time access to critical data

  • Optimal Combination of Performance and Usability: The Honeywell Dolphin 99GX improves ease of use and worker efficiency with a large outdoor-viewable screen, multiple keypad options, a super fast CPU and smart sensors.

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