Zebra TC8000

Zebra TC8000

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The Zebra TC8000 Touch Computer


What makes the TC8000 so special? Everything.  Ground-breaking all new warehouse mobile computer designed to deliver productivity increases in the warehouse.  It saves 14% per worker vs. the traditional form factors.  And it's the only device on the market that simplifies it all - how your workers physically use the devise and interact with your warehouse application.  The TC8000 minimizes motion with an innovative scan angle that eliminates the 1000's of times your workers need to TILT their device to see the screen.  Zebra integrated flexible handheld and hands-free scanning.  It's an amazing 33% lighter than traditional devices to minimize fatigue. Plus a tool that allows you to automatically transform your legacy Terminal Emulation (TE) "Green Screen" into All-Touch screens that also dramatically reduce the number of interactions required to complete a task.  All for less time to complete the job and increase productivity.


Rugged and ready for your warehouse. Super rugged design built for warehouse environments. With the most extreme impact settings even after 2,000 consecutive hits when tumbling and multiple 8 ft drops to concrete. The TC8000 is sealed and ready to hand jetting water and dust. Plus the TC8000 is built to handle constant temperature swings between extreme heat and cold.


Triple shift battery power and unsurpassed battery management.  With the largest battery in its class, the TC8000 has ample power for three shifts.  The battery can be charged in seconds without powering down.


Superior ergonomics for productivity and worker comfort.  The new scan angle eliminates the constant tilting that traditional designs require to view the screen - thus increasing productivity by 14% through a 55% reduction in wrist motion and a 15% reduction in muscle effort.


Capture multiple barcodes and entire forms in a single scan. Scan long range 1D/2D - capture barcodes from 3" to 70 ft. away.


Accessories include, single slot cradle with spare battery charger, single slot USB cradle, multi-slot cradle, rack mounted charging station, cables, adapters, audio adapter cables, headsets, quick draw holster, presentation holster, shoulder strap, hands-free scanning option, desktop stand, cart mounts, forklift mounts, hand strap, wrist lanyard and so much more!!


Product Highlights

  • Longer Wi-Fi range and speed with less power
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Triple-shift battery power
  • Superior ergonomics for comfort
  • Flawless capture of every barcode
  • Ultra high-resolution photos, videos and more
  • Dual-core processor
  • Dustproof, waterproof, cold temps, scratch-and-impact resistant
  • Power: PowerPrecision+ Lithium Ion 6700 mAh with hot swap battery backup
  • Keypad: On screen
  • Operating Temp: -4° F to 122° F
  • Tumble Spec: 2000 3.28 ft. tumbles
  • Scanning: 1D/2D
  • Camera: 8MP autofocus
  • Dimensions: 9.17" l x 2.99" w x 2.52" d
  • Weight: 17.2 oz.

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