cab PX Q

cab PX Q

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cab Print Module/Engine PX Q for industrial use

The cab PX Q label print module has full functionality and is highly reliable with print and peel-off module specifically designed for printing and labeling fully automatically in industrial applications. It can be integrated in any orientation of assembly to solve even complex marking tasks.


A torsion-resistant cast aluminum construction is basis to assemble all the components of the print mechanics.  Food-safe coating and stainless steel casing add to the perfect shape with special features.


Two models of the PX Q are available:  The "Universal" one - for accurate imprint of labels - with print widths up to 4.16" and up to 600 dpi print resolution.


The "Wide" one - suitable for Odette and UCC labels - with print widths up to 6.4" and 203 and 300 dpi print resolutions.


All the print modules are provided as left-hand and right-hand versions. 


Stand-alone printing operating mode is the printer's ability to select and print labels even when it is not connected to a host system.  The label has to be designed with a software such as cablabel S3 or by direct programming with a text editor on a PC.  Label formats, texts, graphics as well as database contents are stored on a memory card, a USB memory stick or in the internal IFFS memory.


Click here to view label software cablabel S3 for designing, printing and administrating.



  • Color operation panel
  • Print module available in Left or Right-handed
  • Ribbon holder
  • Rugged metal chassis
  • Print heads are freely interchangeable at equal width
  • Auto ribbon saving option
  • Print roller removal for cleaning or wear
  • Simple replacement of materials
  • Gap label sensor
  • Material backfeed
  • Imprint accuracy for the smaller labels
  • The Universal One PX Q print module: 203, 300 or 600 dpi
  • Print speeds 150, 250 or 300 mm
  • Print widths 4", 4.25" or 4.16"
  • The Wide One PX Q print module: 203 or 300 dpi
  • Print speeds 250 mm
  • Print widths 6.6" or 6.4"

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