Zebra FX7500

Zebra FX7500

Category | RFID Readers
Type | Fixed Mount RFID Readers

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RFID begins with the radio. So that’s where Zebra began with the FX7500 Fixed RFID Reader and created a new RFID radio technology, purposely designed from the ground up for faster, more accurate read rates, and more consistent performance even in challenging environments. This software-based radio technology effectively future-proofs your RFID investment by delivering flexibility to implement future upgrades and improvements with minimal investment.  Then paired that radio with a new, more flexible Linux-based network architecture that integrates the tools and open-standard interfaces you need for fast, easy deployment with your RFID and back-end applications.



The Zebra FX7500 comes in a sleek, attractive form factor with a low profile and compact footprint, at home in nearly any business environment. But it also looks good on the balance sheet, with an impressive array of integrated features and functionality that pack value for your business class applications. An integrated optically isolated General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) interface means there’s no need to purchase, install and manage additional hardware. The ability to host productivity-enhancing, third-party software tools, like Microsoft BizTalk and IBM’s Web Sphere, makes it easy to support your business operations. Available two or four monostatic port option adds deployment flexibility so you can purchase only the readers you need, no more, no less.


The result is a fixed RFID reader that sets a new performance standard delivering peak performance at all times with excellent reader sensitivity and better interference rejection.  It works better. It costs less.



  • All-new high performance radio technology Higher sensitivity, improved interference rejection and echo cancellation means you get the best-in-class dense reader mode performance, up to 1200 tags/sec in FM0 mode.

  • Integrated Power Over Ethernet (POE), optically isolated GPIO, USB Client and Host ports with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity via USB All the tools you need for fast, easy deployment and simplified ongoing management of your RFID applications are built right into the FX7500 architecture.

  • 2-port and 4-port reader configurations More configuration options mean more flexibility to optimize your read field. Deploy precisely the number of read points you need for proper coverage, no more, no less, and reduce your TCO.

  • Plenum Area Rated The FX7500 is approved and suitable for environmental air handling space installation, so it can operate effectively within walls and ceilings.

    • EPC standards-based defined reader management
    • Auto-discovery
    • Flexible firmware upgrade features
    • Support for worldwide standards (FCC, ETSI EN 302 208) in either 4-port and 2-port mono-static antenna configurations
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing IT environments; enables remote and centralized management; simplifies and reduces the cost of set-up, deployment, testing and management

  • Next generation reader platform, including dense reader mode support Best-in-class read rates deliver superior read performance

  • Linux: 512 MB Flash/256 MB RAM Integration of a wide range of third-party applications for fast application deployment; supports upgrading to meet future requirements; maximizes product lifespan; provides outstanding security and investment protection

  • EPC Global LLRP and RM interface support; comprehensive API support – .NET, C and Java Simplifies application development

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