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Omation Quiet Automatic Joggers


The Omation Quiet Jog joggers are available in long neck floor model or the standard table-top model, and can be purchased in a variety of deck configurations.


Capabilities and Function


Equipped with a rheostat, the Quiet Jog is simple to operate. In order to set up the machine, the operator turns the control clockwise to increase the level of vibration and counterclockwise to decrease it. The Quiet Jog's compact size is beneficial for limited workspaces, including its durable finish, rugged construction, and ergonomic design. This machine is available in a long neck option (shown right), which helps to increase space efficiency.




The Omation Quiet Jog is a valuable addition to mailrooms, offices, remittance processing and printing operations. It works effectively for a variety of document processing needs. The Quiet Jog offers proper alignment of various sized mail, checks and documents. For efficient mail processing, this document jogger moves contents away from the envelope and justifies content edges, helping to prevent jams during envelope opening.


Features and Benefits


  • Four-Pocket Tilt Rack: Accommodates multiple shapes and sizes for easy loading.
  • Maple Deck: Offers an attractive, durable construction.
  • Long Neck Option: Enhances portability for varied space configurations.
  • Solid Metal Castings: Provides machine stability.
  • Rubber Mounts: Increases durability.

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