Formax FD 2300 Series
FD 2300

Formax FD 2300 Series

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Type | Pressure Sealers

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Formax AutoSeal FD 2300 Series Pressure Sealer

High Volume Production Pressure Sealer


The Formax AutoSeal FD 2300 Series of high volume production pressure sealers are designed to handle the highest volume jobs with ease and dependability. The 2300 Series of Formax pressure sealers offers fully automated settings to provide for quick and easy setup of different jobs. Processing speeds of up to 43,000 forms per hour sets the industry standard for speed and production capabilities.


The Formax V-Stack36 is an available option which stacks up to 22" of processed forms, making them easier to unload for further processing.


Four models are available in the 2300 Series which offer different in-feed options, three models for cut-sheet forms, and one for continuous forms. The Formax FD 2300 Series pressure sealers utilizes an air-feed system with a capacity of up to 500 forms; the FD 2300-EX offers an extended air-feed system to reach a capacity of up to 1,000 forms; the FD 2350 utilizes a pile feed system to reach a total capacity of up to 3,500 loaded forms; and the FD 2380 works in-line with the Formax FD 676 Maxi Burster to process continuous forms.


All five models produce fast and accurate folds to deliver a secure and time-effective finished product ready for the mail. The 2300 Series clearly sets the new standard for high volume processing needs.


Key Features of Formax AutoSeal FD 2300 Series Pressure Sealers


  • Speed: Up to 43,000 pieces/hour
  • Automatic fold settings - 20 standard folds are pre-set
  • Fold types: Z, uneven Z, C, half and custom folds
  • Four in-feed options
  • Unlimited duty cycle
  • Heavy-duty rollers
  • Program up to 200 custom jobs
  • Color touchscreen control panel
  • Hopper capacities:  Up to 500 for the FD 2300 up to 3500 for the FD 2350
  • Up to 11.5" w x 25" l
  • Dimensions: Cut-sheet models: 152" l x 30" w x 56" h and FD 2380 167" l x 30" w x 56" h
  • Weight:  Approx. 1200 lbs.

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