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EMS Frequently Asked Questions


Is EMS IMpb Compliant?
EMS Multi-Carrier and EMS Postal Manager are approved IMpb compliant applications and are listed as USPS IMpb Certified Solutions Providers by the USPS®.

Note that each installation of EMS requires additional USPS approval. This approval process can take up to a week.

What types of mail and extra services are IMpb compliant in EMS?
EMS will print an IMpb compliant barcode for the following classes and services:

  • Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express
  • First-Class Parcels
  • First-Class Package Services
  • Package Services (Media Mail, Library Mail, Bound Printed Matter)
  • Certified Mail
  • Registered Mail (Currently only in conjunction with USPS Tracking or Signature Confirmation)
  • Insured Mail
What additional steps are necessary to print IMpb compliant labels?
  • EMS must be configured properly to print a barcode on an attached thermal label printer.
  • The USPS must approve the installation and associated Mailer ID for IMpb compliance.
  • The system must have an internet connection for upload of the shipping services file.
Do the labels include postage?
Not when postage is being paid via an attached mailing system. In this case a meter tape is applied to the package as well as the IMpb barcode.

In addition to the meter tape a customer may choose to use mail manifesting or integration with Endicia to pay for postage. In those configurations the postage is included as part of the label.

Are the labels full shipping labels?
The IMpb barcode is typically printed as part of a full 4x6 shipping label however that is not a requirement.

Can I print just the barcode without the full shipping label?
Yes. EMS can be configured to only print the IMpb barcode on a smaller label. This configuration may work better for packages with the shipping address already applied. However entry or selection of the full address is still required.

Why is the full destination address needed?
The USPS requires the mailer to upload a Shipping Services File (SSF) which must contain either the full destination address or the 9 digit Zip Code (Zip+4) for each package identified in the file. EMS uses the destination address as typically the Zip+4 may not be known.

What mailing systems are compatible with EMS?
  • IS/IM440
  • IS/IM440PLUS
  • IS/IM460
  • IS/IM480
  • IS/IM490
  • IN-600
  • IN-700
  • IN-750
  • IS/IM5000
  • IS/IM6000
Does EMS print IMpb compliant barcodes for USPS Consolidators such as FedEx SmartPost, UPS Mail Innovations or DHL Global Mail?
The USPS now requires an IMpb compliant USPS Tracking barcode as part of these consolidator labels.

EMS supports FedEx SmartPost and prints the appropriate label including an IMpb compliant barcode.

Some customers have used the Custom Carrier module to implement UPS Mail Innovations, Sure Post or other consolidators however at this time the Custom Carriers module does not print an IMpb compliant barcode. These labels are not in compliance.


Does EMS upload the Shipping Services File (SSF) to USPS?
EMS creates and uploads Shipping Services File version 1.6 when the USPS Carrier is closed via the Close Carriers function.

The system must be connected to the internet and properly configured to interface with the USPS PTS system for upload.


Can I print IMpb compliant certified mail labels (3800/3811) with Web View?
Yes. EMS and EMS WebView support the creation and printing of USPS Certified Mail labels with or without Return Receipt or Electronic Return Receipt.
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