Data-Pac Advanced Curve
Advanced Curve

Data-Pac Advanced Curve

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Data-Pac Advanced Curve Postage Meter Mailing Machine

The Advanced Curve, The First Mailing System with OCR Reading for USPS Discounts

The Data-Pac Advanced Curve postage meter Intelligent Envelope Processing System has an OCR camera that reads the address at speeds of up to 6,000 per hour. As the Advanced Curve reads the address it processes the address for CASS, MASS and does the address corrections. The Advanced Curve postage meter from Data-Pac calculates the zip plus 4 plus 2 and then sprays the IMB on the bottom of the envelope, if the person has moved it also adds the new address above the IMB (does NOT include NCOA Link). Unique to most mailing machine and postage meter products, this process qualifies the customer for the letter mixed AADC rate with out doing any sorting, that equates to a 5.8 cent per piece discount allowing the system to be cost justified with as little as 1775 letter per day.


Data-Pac Advanced Curve Postage Meter Features

  • All-in-one 15" Touch Screen PC
  • Rugged 24/7 Dependability
  • eSmart-Mail Software
  • Postage Accounting Included
  • Data Consolidation with eSmart-Mail Manager
  • Weigh-in-motion and static weighing capabilities
  • Optional built-in Addressing Machine
  • Optional power stacker, and divert bins
  • Larger, high-capacity, stainless steel feed deck for letters and flats up to 5/8" thick

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