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BluJay Solutions Parcel GTN Enterprise Shipping Solutions


By automating mission-critical processes for parcel and LTL shipping, Parcel GTN enables superior cost management, cycle time reductions and faster, more reliable deliveries to customers, meeting the needs of the most demanding shippers. You can further streamline your workflow by integrating the solution with an existing ERP, CRM, TMS, WMS, and MHS or other host application.


Part of the BluJay’s Global Trade Network, Parcel GTN can be deployed to suit your business, either cloud or on-premises. With a typically fast implementation, your solution is up and running quickly, accelerating the delivery of business benefits and return on investment.


Parcel GTN enables you to satisfy the needs of your domestic and international shipments, whether you are shipping low volumes of business-critical packages to business customers, or fulfilling the requirements of a high-volume omni-channel retail business. Fully scalable, it allows you to flexibly expand or contract your shipping operation to meet the demands of your business, and your customers. The demonstrated scalability of this solution enables the management of over 2,000 shipping stations from a single deployment – or more than 500,000 shipments from a single facility. Over 5 million cartons are shipped through Parcel GTN every day.


This solution supports the broadest set of carriers in the industry serving both domestic and international requirements, and provides export documentation and compliance checks for all international shipments, supporting even the most sophisticated business rules (e.g. break bulk, advance rate shipping, and multi-leg zone skipping).


Used by thousands of companies every day, Parcel GTN automates mission-critical processes for parcel shipping - enabling superior cost management, cycle time reductions and faster, more reliable deliveries to customers, accelerating the critical last mile. It provides you with the confidence that no matter where shipments are destined, or where they originate, your shipments will be delivered on time, cost efficiently, and with minimal interruption.



  • Enterprise class multi-carrier parcel shipping
  • Easy carrier connectivity: supports regional, national, and international carriers
  • Rate shopping
  • Complete "black box" automation capabilities
  • Returns solution
  • International shipping
  • AES filing
  • Visibility
  • Flexible application programming interface
  • Complementary add-on module


  • Accelerates fulfillment by producing packing slips and carrier labels in one seamless workflow and capturing/validating serial numbers, saving labor costs and improving customer service
  • Provides full carrier compliance ensuring flexibility and choice
  • Enables you to maintain control and visibility of shipments
  • Gives ability to quote an accurate shipping cost at order entry or during the customer’s website experience
  • Improves customer service
  • Enforces corporate shipping policies and rates
  • Minimizes risk of international shipments with global trade compliance features

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