Mettler Toledo BC-30

Mettler Toledo BC-30

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The BC Series from Mettler Toledo Offers Reliability and Quality Scales


All-in-one scales are the new industry standard for shipping and postal applications. The BC-30 is a 70lb/30kg capacity scale with a rugged design, it is an economical choice for today's parcel shipper. The BC-30 Parcel Scale is a member of the BC Scale Family. It connects easily to a PC via USB or RS-232, and is compatible with all Shipping Manifest Software and Mailing applications. Both RS-232 and USB cables are included.


METTLER TOLEDO's patented GEOCAL calibration feature eliminates the cost of having the scale site-calibrated. Competitive offerings require certified technicians to calibrate their scale on-site. By compensating for local gravitational differences, GEOCAL ensures that the sensitive factory calibration is maintained.


The BC-30 is NTEP certified so it can be legally used in commercial applications. The National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) imposes rigorous standards that ensure the high accuracy and reliability of the scales that bear their mark.


The BC-30 features a large, adjustable, easy-to-read LCD display. Both USB and RS-232 cables are included.


And for Dimensioning Weighing, the Walz SPS-MT is specifically designed to work with Mettler-Toledo BC30 or BC60 and PS60 bench scales. You can use the SPS-MT with your existing MT BC60 or PS60 scales or purchase one through Walz on our website....


Step-up to METTLER TOLEDO quality and rely on the world’s leading scale manufacturer for your critical business shipping and mailing needs.

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