StraPack i-10

StraPack i-10

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StraPack i-10 Standard Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine


The StraPack D-52 first generation strapping machine was the first belt-less tabletop strapping machine that utilized two DC direct drives. The i-10 is the third-generation version of this strapping machine design from Strapack. The microprocessor has also been upgraded to improve tension control increasing the flexibility of this system.


Tension is applied with a steel wheel allowing application of high tension without scuffing the strap. Tension is easily adjusted from 4.4 lbs to 88 lbs making the i-10 a versatile strapping machine.


  • Variable and Consistent Tension
  • Seal Prolongation
  • Desk Like Body
  • Small and Functional
  • Quick Heater
  • High Speed Cycle
  • Large Range of Strap Sizes


Specs & Features of the i-10 Strapping Machine for Sale

Width: 30-3/4"
Height: 30-1/2" (with work guide)
Depth: 21-3/8"
Table Height: 29-1/2"
Machine Weights
i-10: 100 lbs
Package Size Width: 3-7/8" - FREE
Height: 1-1/8" - FREE
Strap Width 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 inch.
Joint / Strap / Coil Heat seal / polypropylene / 8" X 8" or 9" X 8"
Strap Tension Max. 88 lbsf.
Power Supply 100-120, 200-240v Single Phase 50/60Hz 0.25 KVA

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