StraPack RQ-8

StraPack RQ-8

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StraPack RQ-8 Automatic Strapping Machine


The StraPack RQ-8 strapping machine is one of the most dependable automatic strapping machines developed. As a general-purpose strapping machine its innovative design has been shown to be the most reliable on the market.


The RQ-8 strapping machine from StraPack has the reputation as having the lowest maintenance costs of any strapping machine available. Among the most reliable automatic strapping machines, the RQ-8 system features easy strap loading, auto re-feed and loop ejection, lubrication free operation and safe dual tensioning.


Reliability, speed, ease of operation, innovative design, and low maintenance costs make the RQ-8 the most cost effective machine available today. A wide range of options are available to customize the RQ-8 strapping machines to meet the needs of your application


  • Amazing Strapping Speed
  • Self-Correcting Technology
  • Easy Strap Loading
  • Permanently Lubricated Mechanisms
  • Quick Heater
  • Self Diagnostic
  • Portable
  • Variable Tension
  • Dependable


Features & Specs of the RQ-8 Strapping Machine from StraPack

Dimensions Width: 49-1/4"
Height: 55-1/4"
Depth: 24"
Machine Weight 353 lbs.
Table Height 31-1/4"
Standard Arch Size W 25 X H 19 in
Package Size MIN: W 3-1/8" X H 1-1/4"
MAX: W 24-1/2" X H 18-7/8"
Tension up to 176 77lbs. 6 in stroke
Strap Width 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 in.
Joint / Strap / Coil Heat Seal / Polypropylene / ID 8 X OD 18 X W 8 in.
Power Supply 100, 120, 200, 220, 230, 240v Single Phase 50/60Hz 0.65KVA

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