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The Future of Mail List Processing Via the Cloud


A-Qua Mailer web started a revolution in the mail preparation software market when it was introduced. The innovative web based solution allowed customers to process mailing lists for address correction, move update, duplicate detection, and presorting over the web using credits to pay as they go.


Using A-Qua Mailer web through your internet browser, you can access address quality and mail list processing services such as CASS Certified ZIP + 4® coding, NCOALink® processing, Duplicate Elimination, DSF processing, Postal Presort, Printer File Output, and more from any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, at any time.


A-Qua Mailer web benefits direct mailers who process from hundreds of records to tens of millions of records per month, or per year.  A variety of subscription options are available to suit your particular need.  


A-Qua Mailer web is supported and maintained by Lorton Data’s postal industry experts. As complex mailing requirements change, A-Qua Mailer web is automatically updated - assuring that you are accessing the most up-to-date mail data processing services available.



  • Most cost effective mail data processing solution available
  • Choose from unlimited monthly, pay-per-job, or unit subscription options depending on your unique needs
  • Enjoy robust features while preparing USPS® compliant mailings - increasing mail deliverability and lowering postage rates
  • Easy-to-use interface makes projects a breeze
  • Quick -  jobs are completed quicky through Automated Processing 
    Your files will be returned within minutes, or the next business day depending on services selected.


Available A-Qua Services and Tools

  • A-Qua Mailer desktop
  • A-Qua Mailer command
  • A-Qua Mailer lists
  • A-Qua Mailer FTP

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