BCC Software, A BlueCrest Co. Capture

BCC Software, A BlueCrest Co. Capture

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Quick Address Entry and Instant Verification


BCC Software, A BlueCrest Co., (formerly Quadient® & Satori) Capture™ point-of-entry validation software makes collecting accurate contact data fast and error-free. Errors made at the point of entry are the most common and most difficult to correct later. Get contact data right the first time for better overall efficiency throughout your organization. Using Capture paves the way to more effective relationship management processes and overall improvements in the customer experience.


Your organization relies upon accurate contact data for smooth operations. Whether for order entry, lead registration, customer inquires or billing, contact information must be collected quickly and accurately. Attempting to use incomplete or inaccurate contact data only results in wasted materials, missed opportunities, reduced customer satisfaction and, ultimately, loss of revenue.


Capture Solutions


  • Contact Centers - Save data-entry time and reduce customer
    irritation caused by repeating unusual spelling
  • Healthcare Providers - Verify patients’ addresses at registration
    to improve delivery of bills and simplify HIPAA compliance
  • Telesales - Reduce unnecessary delays and streamline the crucial
    order entry stage
  • Telesales - Reduce unnecessary delays and streamline the crucial
    order entry stage
  • Insurance Agents - Instantly verify addresses during the application
    process to provide more accurate rate quotes
  • Delivery Companies - Verify addresses when scheduling pickups
    and deliveries
  • Customer Relationship Management - Standardize contact data
    at point of entry to more easily merge new information into existing records

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