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FlexMail 4: A Complete Solution for Variable Data Printing

Data Preparation - USPS Mail Processing - Design Tool

FlexMail 4 by Flex Systems is a complete software solution for variable data printing with variable data design and printing solutions.  FlexMail lets you connect to your data, prepare the data for your project, design your output, and print at high quality and speed on any printer.


FlexMail 4 is available in three different editions, so no matter what source files you have, what you need to design or what your production requirements may be, there is a FlexMail solution that fits your needs:


FLEXMAIL BASIC: For needs to produce designs with text, barcodes and graphics using any database using small or medium sized printers.


FLEXMAIL ADVANCED:  Extended database features like the ability to process PDF files and tools for database management and duplicate detection and removal.  Supports variable graphics, postal indicia, and duplex printing.  This is the perfect solution for production environments.


FLEXMAIL PROFESSIONAL: With all the features of the advanced edition, FlexMail Professional offers functionality that lets you integrate FlexMail in your production environment to control the printer and production line and link to devices like camera systems, conveyors, etc.


All FlexMail editions can be extended with postal modules to prepare mail according to postal standards.  The module gives you access to services such as CASS, NCOA, DSF2, Presort and more. Generate the highest possible discounts through the USPS.


Flex Systems' USPS Mail Processing module is powered by TEC Mailing Solutions and can be accessed without having to install additional software & data files to your computer.

 Features of FlexMail 4

  • Link direct to all industry format databases like Access, dbase, Excel, HTML and XML files and delimited and fixed length text files plus ODBC links.
  • FlexMail Advanced can open print files in PDF format.
  • Define, locate and process duplicate records in a single file or across multiple files.
  • Combine records from different input files into a single output file or process suppression lists to remove records from a file.
  • Create additional data fields like sequential numbering, data/time, and more.
  • CASS Certified, standardize abbreviations, Move Update service (NCOA), Dedupe, PAVE Certified
  • USPS Mailing Processing module means no software to load, no licensing to buy, no updates, no special hardware.
  • Work on any size paper.
  • Add postal indicia and postage paid imprints
  • Import picture in bmp, gif, jpeg/jpg, png, tiff/tif, wmf/emf and PDF format
  • Supports over 80 different barcodes including 2-D and postal barcodes.
  • Print to any windows supported printer

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