Quadient Quadient Architect

Quadient Quadient Architect

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Enterprise Data Quality and Postal Savings Solutions


Built for easy integration and maintenance, Quadient® Architect (formally Satori Architech) offers a complete set of tools for the development of a contact data quality solution that meets your organization’s unique needs. Validate addresses at point-of-entry on your website. Clean, update and append additional details to contact records in any database. Add value to your retail product by integrating address quality features. Architect works with nearly any application that collects, stores or interacts with contact data.


Whether your focus is direct marketing, order fulfillment or billing, accurate contact data is essential for best results. The negative consequences of incorrect addresses go well beyond delayed mail. Wasted time and materials, lost opportunities and reduced customer satisfaction plague organizations with poor contact data quality


Architect Solutions


  • Data Entry - Validate addresses at point-of-entry into
    your web forms, order entry system or CRM
  • Database Cleansing - Correct and update addresses to protect
    your investment in lead-generation programs
  • Custom Applications - Build contact data quality functionality into
    your product — deliver more value to your customers
  • Customer Relationship Management - Standardize contact data at
    point-of-entry to more easily merge new information into existing records
  • Variable Data Printing - Integrate into document processing
    to increase efficiencey

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