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Automate the Creation and delivery of your organizations critical communications


docuTransfer from Neopost USA and KrengelTech increase mailroom productivity by automating document creation and production of customer communications. As a plug-in for Objectif Lune's PlanetPress, docuTransfer allows your organization to create custom workflows designed to increase processing time and reduce the production time.


Using docuTransfer e-Certify, you can certify your mail electronically and SAVE! e-Certify is an option for docuTransfer Pro which provides the workflow functionality required to send USPS e-certified documents with "proof of mailing" or "signature required" functionality. Mailing results are electronically retrieved from USPS PostalOne web services and may be stored on either a local MS SQL server or a cloud-based portal on the Internet (DocuArchive).


Data Import


The flexibility of docuTransfer supports today's most common data files formats including PDF, CSV, TSV, EML, TXT, and more. Extracting and transforming data from legacy systems is often seamless and painless for use within the docuTransfer engine. For more complex data migrations, our professional services team is waiting to solve any data challenge thrown their way


Document Design


docuTransfer provides the ability to easily define static and dynamic content areas on a document, application of intelligent mail barcodes, and the ability to define complex finishing options and specific inserter controls. Say goodbye to the boring, static documents of yesterday and jump into the world of dynamic marketing communications!


Workflow Rules


With docuTransfer, you have the ability to define workflow rules to support complex document printing, routing, mailing, sorting, and archiving functions. Send certain documents to different printers. Pull the second page of a multi-page document from a different printer drawer. Process NCOA (national change of address) updates in line within your printing workflow.


Address Validation


Additional postal discounts are achieved from the USPS® by correcting, standardizing, and enriching your mailing address data through th epower of Satori Software. docuTransfer seamlessly integrates with Satori Software so you can run your mailing file against the USPS national change of address (NCOA) and update all addresses who have recently moved - eliminating undeliverable mail and associated costs. Addresses are also standardized appropriately to USPS naming conventions and necessary reports are generated for teh USPS (CASS)




Through the power of Satori Software, docuTransfer will take your original address file and presort the file according to delivery destination zipcode. This process eliminates a high percentage of USPS labor costs which results in dramatic labor savings for you! The end result is the printing of your entire mailing batch in the proper zipcode sequence and correctly labeling USPS trays for drop off at your nearest USPS facility.


Document Archiving


Many times businesses have existing document management systems already in place such as Microsfot® Sharepoint®. docuTransfer creates and provides an "as-printed" PDF for archival into your preferred document management repository. Archiving your printed documents provides the history and backup your internal team needs to take cusotmer service to the next level.




The USPS requires a variety of reportsto qualify for postal savings discounts. By integrating with Saroti Software, docuTransfer generates a comprehensive Mail Sort Summary that fully documents the attributes of every specific mailing. Summary mailing data in the report includes total pieces, mail date, piece height and thickness, number of presorted trays, pieces per tray, type of mail piece, permit information and most importantly: total postage savings!

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