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Document Delivery Preference Manger for Mutli-Channel Communications


Companies and customers want to choose the communication channel that they use to deliver and receive communications. Quadient's DPM solution allows your organization to meet your customer's needs and fulfill your organization business needs and objectives. All of this is completed while maintaining physical mail delivery.


Determining a digital communication strategy while maintaining physical mail delivery can be a daunting task for any company. Delivery Preference Manager is a unique solution that meets this need by allowing companies to continue to send physical mail while enabling recipients to evolve to e-delivery. When recipients select their preferred delivery method, DPM saves their preference and automatically sends documents physically by traditional mail or electronically in PDF format. Better yet, it manages the entire e-consent process and drives adoption through automated opt-in campaigns. Using this proven "PUSH" email delivery method effectively migrates your customers from paper-based communication to electronic delivery – dramatically increasing paper shutoff.


Complete Your E-Delivery Strategy


Your website is an essential vehicle to communicate important news about your organization and promote products and solutions. To effectively complement your web resence, Delivery Preference Manager uses a powerful e-mail delivery method that drives more customers to your site, allows you to target them with specific offers and further promotes customer self-service. All important elements that help increase revenue and drive down costs. Furthermore, e-delivery promotes a green approach to communications, which helps boost your company image.


Real-time reporting maximizes electronic delivery efficiency


Using an easy-to-read online interface, Delivery Preference Manager offers real-time reporting that enables companies to track the status of their electronic customer communications and easily manage exceptions. Robust reporting capabilities provide full audit trail and message tracking that displays customer opt-in status, message type and shows if the e-mail was opened, delivered or bounced. If an error is displayed, the sender can quickly take action by correcting the email address or switch to physical mail delivery


Online payment capabilities can simplify transactions and reduce costs


As more recipients switch to electronic mail delivery and paying bills online, senders will achieve significant cost savings on paper, ink and postage. With Delivery Preference Manager, customers can utilize a solution that’s twice as efficient as traditional physical mail delivery at half the cost!
By helping companies adapt to the market’s changing needs, Delivery Preference Manager simplifies customer communications, helps reduce costs, enhances company image and improves overall customer satisfaction.


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