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FlexStream: A Complete Solution for Document Processing

FlexStream is a document processing solution.  FlexStream lets you add scancodes to your documents to be used by your inserter and manipulate and enhance the contents of your mailing.  With FlexStream you can:

  • Increase the integrity of your mailings by adding scancodes that can be used by inserters
  • Reduce postage costs by combining documents intended for the same recipient into a single email piece
  • Turn documents into a marketing tool by adding conditional text, graphics and barcodes
  • Eliminate costs of preprinted forms by adding overlays and digital inserts to your documents.
  • Convert traditional simplex printed documents to duplex to reduce paper costs and provide additional postage savings.
  • Save costs by e-mailing all or a selection of your documents.


FlexStream is available in three different editions, so depending on your production requirements, you can select a FlexStream solution that fits your needs:


FLEXSTREAM BASIC:  The solution for users who need to add scancodes (OMR, 1D or 2D BCR) to PDF files without the need to change the existing documents.

FLEXSTREAM ADVANCED:  In addition to adding scancodes, FlexStream Advanced offers extended document manipulation and enhancement features for users who need to add additional contents or want to change the layout of the documents.

FLEXSTREAM PROFESSIONAL: Adds document management features like digital inserts, e-mail capabilities, archiving documents, and closed loop processing.


FlexStream can be extended with additional services supporting Secure & Tracked email and to prepare mail according to the USPS postal standards.  The USPS mail processing module enables you to presort your documents to USPS standards in order to get the lowest possible postage rates.

 Features of FlexStream

  • FlexStream loads existing PDF files and runs independently of existing software.
  • Print/save project to PDF
  • No need for specialized personnel to operate
  • Advanced Processing Features:  Document break definition & grouping documents to same recipient, sort sets & documents, job splitting
  • Additional Data Fields: Data may be based on decoded barcodes, link document data to other data contained in databases and calculate fields based on Visual Basic procedures
  • Document Enhancement: Add scancodes, add any fixed or variable text
  • Supports over 80 different barcodes including 2-D and postal barcodes
  • Include fixed and variable graphics in wide variety of formats
  • Add postal indicia and postage paid imprints
  • Add overlays to your documents
  • Print output on multiple printers
  • Export data from generated datasheet
  • Add digital inserts
  • Closed loop processing
  • Documents can be removed from the print stream and emailed instead.
  • Save document for archiving

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