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Quadient Inspire

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Enterprise Communication Solutions from Quadient


Quadient (formerly GMC) Inspire enables your business to consistently deliver relevant personalized messages, at the right time through the right channels as an enterprise platform. No other solution on the market can deliver the features and functionality that Quadient's Inspire can deliver.


Response Management


Quadient Inspire enables businesses to capture, analyze and manage responses across multiple channels to enrich customer insight and continually refine customer conversations.


Customer Communications


With Quadient Inspire, businesses can design the most dynamic communications while controlling content to ensure compliance and brand consistency. Quadient Inspire enables businesses to design and manage structured, interactive and on-demand communications.


Process Management and Automation


Quadient Inspire's core engine is built to ensure that you can execute and control an enterprise communications strategy with precision, speed and maximum efficiency.


Multichannel Production


With built-in multichannel capabilities, Quadient Inspire enables businesses to effortlessly optimize document production and delivery for almost any channel including mobile, email, SMS, social media, web, print, fax and tablets.


Customer Insight


Quadient Inspire talks to almost any data source including CRM, ERP, SAP, ECM, Web-based XML data and even integrates with social media sites. Combining data on customer preferences, lifestyles and business transactions, Quadient Inspire provides an enriched, single view of each customer for relevant, targeted customer communications.

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