Royal 4 Systems WISE R4

Royal 4 Systems WISE R4

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WISE (Warehouse Information System Expert) SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE

The warehouse is the critical hub of the business, the central depot through which everything must pass from raw materials waiting to be manufactured into finished goods to product waiting for shipment downstream to a distribution center, retailer or end-customer.  WISE can be applied throughout all core warehouse processes, transforming the warehouse into a competitive advantage.


The WISE warehouse management application suite is the core of our Supply Chain Solution.  WISE has user defined location rules, package types, picking rules, shipment procedures, packaging techniques, and all other significant details regarding your operations.  WISE then optimizes these tasks for you based on detailed algorithmic rule engines. These extensive WISE Functions are available to improve the distribution center's operations by minimizing costs and increasing productivity.



  • Improves inventory accuracy;
  • Increases inventory turnover and lowers inventory levels;
  • Improves order throughput;
  • Reduces response times;
  • Improves real-time communications with other supply chain participants;
  • Complies with industry shipping standards;
  • Reduces transportation costs;
  • Increases labor and equipment productivity;
  • Enables and facilitates distribution through multiple delivery channels;
  • Improves customer relationships, thereby increasing orders; and
  • Improves real-time visibility both within the enterprise and across the entire supply chain

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