Walz Postage Meter ink
Postage Meter Ink

Walz Postage Meter ink

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Mailing Machine & Postage Meter Ink


Walz Label & Mailing Systems has an extensive inventory of postage meter ink available at all of our Central Illinois offices. All of our service technicians also carry a supply of postage meter ink cartridges with them at all times in order to facilitate emergency needs in the field. Our postage meter ink cartridges and print heads are ordered new from the manufacturer.

At this time we do not sell refurbished or re-filled ink cartridges because of the lack of quality, reliability, and dependability. We have tested several different suppliers of re-filled postage meter ink cartridges because of customer demand, and the testing produced undesirable results with the customer systems.

Please click the "contact us" link for more information or to order postage meter supplies. If you already have an account and order history with us, we will place the order and ship the same day. If you are unsure of what you need to order, or are a new customer please don't hesitate to call. There is always someone available to speak to you about your supply needs.


Postage Meter Inks Available & In Stock


  • All Quadient, Neopost, Pitney Bowes including
  • WJ Series Mailing Machines
  • IM Series Mailing Machines
  • IN / IH Series Mailing Machines
  • IJ Series Mailing Machine
  • iX Series Mailing Machines
  • IS Series Mailing Machines
  • Data-Pac Series Mailing Machines
  • Pitney Bowes Mailing Machines

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