Datalogic HandScanner

Datalogic HandScanner

Category | Bar Code Scanners
Type | Wearable Scanners

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The Smallest and lightest hands-free scanner to empower workforce

With a weight of only 1.4 oz. and a footprint of 1.97" x 1.77" x .63", Datalogic's HandScanner enables ergonomic work, providing workers with a comfortable and non-intrusive hands-free solution that facilitates their daily operations with natural motions.


33% less errors and save 4 seconds per scan:  The HandScanner allows workers to be faster, more efficient and improve the quality of their work.  Users can easily pick up and carry objects while wearing the HandScanner - avoiding the need to put down and pick up again the scanner.  Unlike a ring scanner, the HandScanner is not intrusive, is more resistant, and is not exposed to bumps at every movement.


Full Shirt and Fast Recharge:  A fully charged HandScanner battery can last almost two working shifts - running up to 15 hours and 10,000 scans.  With a 2-slot charging station, the battery can be fully charged in 2 hours.


Best Performance:  The HandScanner captures 1D/2D barcodes through a megapixel sensor and is available in two models:  Standard Range (close range scanning of 3.9 to 31.5") or Mid Range (from 11.8 to 59").


Typical applications include Retail, Transportation & Logistics, Manufacturing and Healthcare Pharmaceutical and Laboratory.



  • Lightest and smallest wireless wearable 2D scanner
  • Weight:  1.4 oz.
  • Dimensions:  1.97" x 1.77" x .63"
  • Full shift and fast recharge with charging station
  • Capture 1D & 2D barcodes and postal codes
  • Megapixel Optical resolution:  1280 x 960 pixels
  • High transmit speeds with Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 5.0 technology
  • Available in 2 models:  Standard range (3.9" - 31.5") and Mid Range (11.8" - 59")
  • LED indicators
  • Multiple drops from 6.5" ft. concrete
  • Tumbles:  2000 at 1.6 ft.
  • Resistant to dust and water
  • Can be used with or without gloves
  • Can work in any environment
  • Operating Temperatures:  0° to 50° C / 32° to 122° F
  • Hand trigger available in different sizes - right or left hand
  • Adjustable fit with Velcro fastener

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