Honeywell CK71

Honeywell CK71

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Intermec CK71 by Honeywell Mobile Computer

We Didn't Compromise; Neither Should You

The Intermec CK71 by Honeywell Mobile Computer helps when it comes to balancing cost control with customer satisfaction and realizing true supply chain agility. Delivering on that vision requires your staff to be equally agile, with the ability to react to every situation quickly, confidently and accurately.


However, finding the optimal rugged mobile business solution to achieve supply chain agility can often present another balancing act: satisfying the needs and preferences of operations management, users and IT, without trade-offs and sacrifices.


Honeywell is the first to offer a no-compromise solution with the CK71 ultra-rugged mobile computer. In addition to being 31% smaller and lighter than others in its ultra-rugged class, the CK71 is optimized for your warehouse and distribution environments with premium, industrial grade materials for the perfect balance of ruggedness and duty cycle along with next generation features that focus on enabling flexibility and agility, even in the most extreme conditions. Extend the use of the Honeywell CK71 Mobile Computer into hazardous locations with the non-incentive certified (Div. 2) CK71.


Every 70 Series mobile computer comes pre-loaded with Intermec's ScanNGo client to provide a premium device provisioning experience to simplify and expedite device staging operations. The standalone ScanNGo client enables the CK71 computer users to provision, configure and automatically download application software in a matter of seconds rather than minutes by simply reading pre-configured bar codes.


CK71 Product Highlights

  • The Intermec CK71 by Honeywell Mobile Computer is 31% smaller and lighter than leading devices in the ultra rugged class
  • Superior computing performance and application response time
  • Industry's fastest and farthest imaging engines delivering superior motion tolerance and barcode read range
  • Exceptional peripheral support and quick change snap-on accessories provide versatility for every distribution environment
  • The CK71 Mobile Computer offers on-board diagnostics and INcontrol Managed Services provide device health visibility
  • Advanced power and battery management technologies extend device run time and reduce expense of replacement batteries
  • Dual-band 802.11n radio for pervasive wireless coverage
  • Non-Incendive option for hazardous locations CK71

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