VeriShip Parcel Analytics and Intelligence

VeriShip Parcel Analytics and Intelligence

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Parcel Analytics Helps Your Organization See Hidden Problems


Getting parcel data and auditing is good, but ongoing parcel analysis is better. Likewise, while data can present you with a snapshot view of your savings opportunities and request refunds accordingly, VeriShip’s Diagnosis offering utilizes parcel analytics on a continuous basis to uncover cost trends that can improve your parcel spend management efforts. We make use of critical data through Diagnosis, and combine it with parcel consulting insights gained from our more than 3,300 clients to change overall outcomes that affect your bottom line.


Demystify the Data


The VeriShip Intelligence Platform™ (VIP), our proprietary parcel cost optimization software, offers access to billions of data touch points that offer greater insights into parcel savings opportunities and common carrier mistakes. We’re able to leverage UPS® benchmarking and FedEx® benchmarking to provide the most accurate assessment of your shipping profile, with our more than 3,300 clients data points. Our comprehensive analytics platform gives you access to real time package analytics like cost per package, average zone, and more. And it does all this without intrusion to your carrier interactions and shipping processes, making parcel spend management that much easier.


Diagnosing data weekly with our benchmarking software helps identifying valuable business intelligence that drives parcel savings and process improvement for your company. Call or email to learn how your company can obtain access to this parcel industry analysis to save more.


Exclusive VIP Access


By utilizing our exclusive VIP, we can assist clients in accessing insights beyond simple data, including both FedEx benchmarking as well as UPS benchmarking.

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