VeriShip Parcel Audit

VeriShip Parcel Audit

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Parcel Auditing With Good Data


Good data is key to analyzing your small parcel spending with the major carriers. With VeriShip, this data is where our process begins. Your parcel account is connected to our trusted and proven parcel audit software in minutes, importing your electronic invoices from your carrier and extracting critical data to help identify savings opportunities. You’re able to make objective decisions regarding how to reduce shipping costs with this parcel auditing data in hand, and we’re able to request refunds to recover those costs..


VeriShip Intelligence Platform VIP


With access to your online carrier account, we’re able to connect our proprietary VeriShip Intelligence Platform™ (VIP) in minutes, automatically importing carrier invoices and identifying possible refunds based on a multi-point shipping audit checklist including late deliveries, invalid surcharges, incorrect dimensional and weight charges, and more. The parcel audit process is quick, simple, and requires no work on your part - and since you’re only billed based on a percentage of refunds secured, it’s no risk to your company.


Contact us today for the parcel consulting you need to reduce shipping costs and reclaim dollars that belong to you. Our cost optimization process is so simple that we’ll be auditing your carrier invoices by end of day. Recovering shipping costs is about holding parcel carriers accountable to their promises, it isn’t about placing blame. And that’s what VeriShip’s Data offering helps you do.


You can also delve deeper into various parcel data offerings ranging from parcel logistics optimization to parcel audits and specializing in specific FedEx and UPS small parcel auditing.

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