U-PIC Package Insurance Coverage

U-PIC Package Insurance Coverage

Category | Shipping Solutions
Type | Third Party Insurance

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Shipping Insurance at a Fraction of the Carrier Price


U-PIC has been offering 3rd party shipping insurance worldwide for 20 years and is here to help. Why pay the high cost of carrier insurance? Ship with the carrier and insure with U-PIC at a fraction of the cost that the carriers charge. Whether you ship thousands of packages a day or want to insure a single package, U-PIC has a program to meet your needs.


High Volume Shipper Program


Whether your business objectives are to reduce transportation cost, increase operation efficiencies, or securing the value of your goods, U-PIC can help. For the last 20 years, U-PIC has been providing discounted package insurance to organizations shipping parcels through the United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, DHL Global and most other major transportation providers. By streamlining your insurance program with U-PIC, you will eliminate the tedious carrier claims process, administrative burden, and return to more revenue producing activities. The packages are transported by the carrier but insured by U-PIC, saving companies thousands of dollars annually. Whether your organization ships out 50 parcels a week or 50,000 parcels daily, U-PIC has a volume discount program available.
Are you ready to start saving your organization time and money? Let us show how we can reduce your transportation insurance costs.


U-PIC™ Integrations


We have created several solutions for integrating with you. We have implementation for any shipping system or online store you are looking to cover. Our development team will work with you in every aspect of the integration to help bring the best solutions to your current process. We also provide the option to use an API to allow you to transmit data to U-PIC. If you have additional questions or want to apply, start by contacting our office and a representative will be there to help.

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