Datalogic PowerScan PM9501
PowerScan 9501 Series

Datalogic PowerScan PM9501

Category | Bar Code Scanners
Type | 2D Barcode Readers

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Aim, Trigger, Decode:  It's that simple!

The PowerScan™ 9501 Series 2D imagers are the ultimate industrial hand held scanners designed and constructed to withstand the toughest environmental conditions.


The PowerScan PD9531 imager is the corded version of the series and comes as PD9531-AR for auto range.


The 9501 cordless area imagers include the PBT9501 with Bluetooth and PM9501 with Datalogic's Star Cordless System. The PBT9501-AR with extended range and the PM9501-AR with auto range.


The PowerScan 9501 imagers have an ergonomic shape with well-balanced weight and intuitive aiming system , allowing the highest first-pass reading rate while reducing unnatural wrist movement.  The PowerScan 9501 area imagers use a soft-pulsed white illumination light resulting in reduced flashes that is easier on the eyes.


The 9501 Series area imagers also feature Datalogic's 3 Green Lights (3GL) for superior good-read feedback. 


All models have multi-interface featuring RS232, Keyboard Wedge, USB and offer an optional Ethernet.


The PowerScan 9501 imagers introduce a new technology with the "Liquid Lens" feature which increases the depth of field and allows the reading of standard, wide and high density bar codes.


The PM9501 series offers two display options:  4 configurable keys and a full 16-key keyboard.



  • Decodes 1D Linear, 2D, Postal Codes, Stacked Codes including PDF417
  • Snappy omnidirectional reading
  • Image capture
  • Soft white light illumination
  • Intuitive aiming system
  • Liquid Lens reads standard, wide and high density codes
  • Lithium-Ion battery replaces in 3 seconds!
  • Optional display and 4 or 16-key keyboards
  • Color:  Yellow/Black
  • High speed 433 MHz and 910 MHz radio communications
  • Multiple interfaces available
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Datalogic’s Motionix™ motion-sensing technology
  • Water & particle sealing rating:  IP65
  • Drops:  50 drops to 6.6 ft. concrete
  • Operating Temperature:  -4° to 122° F / 20° to 50° C
  • Dimensions:  PM9501 - 8.3" x 4.3" x 2.9"
  • Weights depending on model run from 14.1 oz. to 15.7 oz.
  • Accessories include base stations/chargers, cases/holsters, mounts/stands and more
  • Models available: 
  • PM9501 (STAR Cordless)
  • PM9501-AR - Auto Range
  • PBT9501 (Bluetooth Cordless)
  • PBT9501-AR Extended Range
  • PD9531 (Corded)
  • PD9531-AR - Auto Range

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