Zebra WT6300

Zebra WT6300

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The Zebra WT6300 Wearable Computer

The Ultimate Wearable Computer for Hands-Free Mobility

With the explosion of ecommerce, picking and sorting have become full time jobs - not only in the warehouse but in the retail store, where orders are placed online and need to be ready for pickup in as little as two hours.  Empower your pickers and sorters to handle it all with the hands-free WT6300 wearable computer by Zebra.


A new keypad option provides a familiar interface for manual keypad input.


Purpose-built for all day wearable comfort and convenience.  This lightweight, rugged device eliminates pressure points, has a low center of gravity thus minimizing muscle effort and fatigue.  The display automatically adjusts screen sensitivity if users are wearing gloves - ideal in the freezer.


Add a Bluetooth or corded hands-free ring scanner to boost productivity by up to 30%.  And with Zebra's HD4000 Head-Mounted Display and FulfillmentEdge, you can transform linear work orders into real time dynamic work orders that can increase productivity by as much as 24%.

The WT6300 is rugged and ready for the toughest environments, including the freezer.  Improved WiFi delivers "no-drop" connections.


Disinfectant-ready for your workers - shared devices can easily spread germs.  The WT6300 is built to handle frequent wipedowns with common disinfectants, including isopropyl alcohol and soap and water.



  • Dimensions:  4.7" l x 3.5" w x .7" l and 1.3" d
  • Weight with standard battery:  9 oz. / Extended battery:  11 oz.
  • Display:  3.2" color display
  • Operating System:  Android upgradable through Android 12
  • Drop Spec:  Multiple 4 ft. drops to concrete
  • Tumbles:  1000 1.6 ft. tumbles
  • Sealing:  IP65
  • Superior ergonomics for hand-free comfort
  • Dustproof, water-resistant, scratch and shatter resistance
  • Battery rated to operation at -22°F/-30°C
  • Operating Temperature:  -22°F to 122°F / -30°C to 50°C
  • Standard or optional extended battery available
  • Advanced glove-optimized rugged display
  • Hot swappable powerful batteries for longer shifts
  • Disinfectant ready to protect your workers
  • Android 10 platform upgradable to Android 12
  • Bluetooth, Wireless LAN
  • A Zebra ring scanner connected can capture photos
  • Add push-to-talk communications

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