cab HS / VS

cab HS / VS

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Easy operation and precise label dispensing for a great price.

Check out the cab HS and VS label dispensers.  Every label size can be dispensed easily using the HS and VS dispenser.  The labels can be stamped or cut without any space between.


You can use any outside shape whether cornered or round.  Transparent material can also be dispensed.


Two versions are available so as to ensure that the labels can be removed properly for every use.  HS Horizontal for label rolls with bottom leading print image and VS Vertical for label rolls with top leading print image.


Two operation panels are available. Basic version - automatically after removal of the label and with Operation Panel - shows label counter, label feed, slow/fast.


Three widths of material are available. HS 60 for labels .315" - 2.5". HS 120 for labels .75" - 4.75" and HS 180 for labels 3.15" to 7" wide.


The HS/VS 120 model has a battery pack to allow mobile labeling at every place where you do not have an outlet for power.  HS and VS allow dispensing more than 5000 labels using a single battery charge.



  • HS horizontal label dispensing or VS vertical label dispensing
  • With or without an operation panel
  • Label sensor
  • Label brake for fanfold labels to tightly guide and precisely print
  • Liner rewinder
  • Roll holder
  • Optional battery pack for HS/VS 120 model
  • Labels: On rolls, standard or die cut, fan folded optional
  • Materials: Paper, textiles, plastics also transparent
  • Feed supply rate: Up to 200mm/sec.
  • Label roll 7.87" (200mm) outside diameter
  • Label widths: .315" to 2.5" (8-65mm)
  • Label heights:  .20" 0 11.8" (5-300mm)
  • Physical dimensions: 9.84" x 14.17" (250x360mm)
  • Weight: 7.27 lbs. (3.3 kg.)

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