Rena by Quadient RENA XPS-ProMail Console System

Rena by Quadient RENA XPS-ProMail Console System

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Rena by Quadient XPS ProMail Console System

Professional Grade InkJet Console System

The Rena by Quadient XPS-ProMail Console System is not a machine-shop approach but engineered and designed from the ground up as a high performance inkjet printer.  The XPS-ProMail System and its accessories are made from steel and aluminum with a duty cycle of 240 million pieces.  Best of all, it's precision engineered and built right here in the USA!


The print quality rivals Rena tabletops (already the best) and the integration is so smart that one person can operate it with ease.  


Get up to to 4" total print area from four individual print modules, while the AccuTrak vacuum transport, integrated cartridge storage system, 64 MB of RAM and a USB 2.0 port set it apart from the competition.


Multiple input options to suit your unique application:  EasyFeed friction feeders, XPS-ProFeed shuttle, XPS-ProFeed High Capacity productivity feeder.


Multiple output options as well:  Synchronized conveyor that can link up to three units creating an 18 foot long shingling conveyor.


Available In-Line Tabbing Solution:  The XPS-ProTab 4.0 offers 35,000/hr. tabbing speeds and applies labels up to 4" wide.  It is fully integrated with the base and feeder for precision control.


Be the master of your domain:  The XPS-ProMail base is a control station that gives a single operator full control over the entire console system.  It offers automatic speed control, wide array vacuum & AccuTrak Registration guides to perfect alignment every time.


Key Features

- Up to 4" high print area from four individual print heads
- Print speeds of 34,000 postcards/hr.
- Runs in-line with RENA Systems Console Productivity accessories
- Multi-Channel Wide Array AccuTrak Vacuum Transport/Registration System
- Integrated ink monitor and cartridge storage system
- In-line Tabbing up to 35,000/hr.

- EasyFeed Friction Feeders

- XPS-ProMail 3.0 & 4.0

- XPS-ProFeed Shuttle

- XPS-ProFeed High Capacity Productivity Feeder

- Synchronized conveyor that can link up to 3 units for 18 feet of conveyor

- XPS-BumpTurn - rotate media 90 degrees

- XPS-ProDry 8.0 for a serious drying solution


XPS-ProMail InkJet Console System Specs & Features

Features Specifications
Print Resolution
150 dpi to 600 dpi
Draft quality to high quality
Material Size MIN: 3" x 5" to MAX: 15" x 17"
Print Area 3" (or 4") x 17" w/13" vertical range
Speed Up to 34,000/hr. depending on dpi
Ink Capacity HP45A-Style High Capacity Cartridges
Material Thickness Up to 1 1/4"
Feeder Capacity Opt. Friction Feeder, High Cap Feeder or Shuttle Feeder
Duty Cycle 240 million pieces or 4,000,000 per month over 5 yr. cycle
Counters: One operator job and one permanent lifetime
Ink Thermal InkJet with 6 or 8 high capacity cartridges
Printhead Split

XPS-ProMail 3.0: 3 pen stitched + 2 pen stitched + 1 pen design

XPS-ProMail 4.0: 3 pen stitched + 2 pen stitched + 2 pen stitched + 1 pen design

Graphics Prints graphics, logos and barcodes
PC Interface USB 2.0 and Centronics Parallel
Software Windows Printer Drivers
Dimensions Console:  43" w x 36" d x 34" - 39" h
Weight Console:  430 lbs.
Electrical Console:  220VAC 4-wire single phase 20A
Memory 64 RAM

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