Quadient IX-5 AF
iX-5 AF

Quadient IX-5 AF

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Quadient iX-5 Series Postage Meter Mailing Machine

Designed for any Mail Room Environment

Would you like your customer communication to give you a competitive edge?  The iX-5 Series postage meter from Quadient can help you achieve this, both reliably and effortlessly.


Save postage over Forever Stamps on metered First Class Mail® letters, Priority Mail Express® and Priority Mail® and access Commercial Base Pricing (CBP) for USPS shipments using Neoship. Since its introduction in 2014, Metered Mail rates have offered businesses of all sizes a way to save using Online Postage. Metered Mail rates apply to First-Class Mail® Letter postage printed through USPS licensed software or using a postage meter. Online Postage costs the USPS significantly less than traditional postage stamps, and the savings are passed on to customers through Metered Mail rates.


Durable keyboards and large color screens make operating the iX-5 Series easy.  The iX-5 AF with automatic feeders enable fast processing of all mail types.  Shortcut keys and rate wizard is also included. Automatic sealing with an easy-to-access reservoir ensures a perfect envelope seal. An HF (hand feed) model is also available.


The iX-5 Series also meets the latest Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI) and Dimensional Weighing (DIM) USPS requirements.


Thanks to the iX-5 Series, you have access to a growing suite of services and apps to improve postage, parcel and related digital communications.  In addition, all these benefits are efficiently delivered using an eco-design approach that reduces your carbon footprint at every stage of the process.


Coupled with NeoShip ADVANCED multi-carrier shipping software and NeoStats postage expense  management, this complete suite offers a one-stop approach to processing, tracking, reporting and reconciling postage expenses for mail and parcels.




  • Large design color screen
  • Flexible area for slogans and texts
  • Differential weighing - reduce manual processing
  • Never run out of ink with low ink email alerts
  • On screen DIM calculations
  • Processing speed up to 110 letters per minute (lpm) for auto feed model
  • Intuitive control panel thanks for shortcut keys
  • High speed connectivity
  • Intelligent processing
  • Memory pre-sets to access commonly used features
  • Smart peripherals with optional barcode scanner and USB printer for printing reports
  • Intelligent auto feeder adjusts to sort mail by size and thickness
  • The iX-5's integrated weighing platform will process parcels up to 5 lb. standard and an optional external weigh platform will weigh up to 70 lbs.
  • E-Services with ERR (Electronic Return Receipt) available
  • Differential weighing Available
  • Save postage on metered First Class Mail letters, Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail and access Commercial Base Pricing (CBP) for USPS shipments using Neoship.


Quadient iX-5 AF Postage Meter Specs

Features Specifications
Processing speed 110 letters per minute with auto feed
Security Multi-level User Access Security System
Job Imprint Memories 9
Print Modes Normal posting: Omit Date; Omit Day; Date stamp; Advert + Date stamp; Text only
Imprint Customization 8 standard, 2 open advertising slogans; QR codes
10 custom personalized text messages
Automatically printed mail class
Account Reporting and Control 100 departments standard
300 department upgrade (optional) 
500 department upgrade (optional)
iMeter™ Apps

Postal Rates App
Commercial Rates App
Online Postal Expense Manager App
E-Services App
E-Services App with Electronic Return Receipt App
NeoFunds / TotalFunds App
Remote Diagnostic App

Size 47"L x 15"D x 12"H with envelope tray
Envelope Dimensions
Minimum: 3.5" x 5"
Maximum: 10" x 13"
Thickness: Up to 1/2"
Orientation: Portrait or Landscape
Materials Handling Postcards, letters, small packages
Envelope Feeding Manual
Integrated Scale Standard 5 lb. or optional 10, 30, or 70 lb.
Connectivity High speed internet (LAN)
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