Quadient Parcel Pending by Quadient
Parcel Pending by Quadient

Quadient Parcel Pending by Quadient

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Delivering More - Parcel Pending Standard by Quadient

The World's Smartest Locker - Click-and-Collect

Consumers demand a seamless parcel delivery, collection and returns experience, whether they choose at-home delivery or in-store pick-up. For retailers, universities, offices and property managers who want to provide an intuitive offering to handle increased package volumes, Parcel Pending by Quadient Parcel Lockers is the best solution.

The Parcel Pending by Quadient indoor and outdoor lockers ensure an automated and SECURE solution for package collection, drop-off, and returns.  

Couriers deliver directly into the lockers so no more parcels are left lying around, which reduces the risk of lost or stolen parcels.  

Quadient's easy-to-use interface lets you track parcels and notify delivery recipients in real-time. Pick-up and delivery takes seconds and lockers can be made accessible 24/7/365 for a convenient self-service experience.

The Parcel Pending by Quadient parcel lockers offer contact-free delivery, collection and return capabilities, removing lines at the retail outlets and limiting unnecessary contact with others and the kiosk touchscreen.

Quadient's Web Tracking System (WTS) is a cloud-based solution that provides visibility into your internal delivery processes by integrating with your existing mail tracking system.  WTS offers real-time insight on parcels and mail from transit to final delivery.


Key Features

  • Improved operation efficiency
  • Secure parcel storage - includes photo capture
  • Contactless solution
  • Accepts any carrier agent for delivery and collection
  • 100% durability
  • Temperature controlled
  • Eliminates package theft
  • 24/7 package accessibility
  • Multiple locker sizes to fit large variety of dimensions
  • Custom integration with your existing systems
  • Worry-free maintenance
  • Indoor and outdoor locker systems
  • Optional refrigerated models for flowers, food deliveries, etc.
  • Custom wraps to match branding or University colors & logo

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