Checkweigher Systems


Walz is partnered with Cornerstone Automation Systems, CASI USA manufactures checkweigher systems for distribution and manufacturing, and include in motion scales, checkweigh systems, in line scales, in line checkweighers and converyor scales. Their systems are designed for both standard and stainless steel applications. Mild washdown and NEMA 4X is also available.


Standard Inline Checkweigher

CASI 851 CASI 861 CASI 921
in line checkweigher Food Grade Checkweigher Application inline checkweigh scales
The CASI 851 is a PC Based, free standing, self contained in-motion check weigh system designed for small part or carton use. The CASI 861 is a PC based, free standing, self contained in-motion weighing system designed for small item or carton use. The CASI 921 is a low cost, high accuracy in line checkweigher for applications up to 15 cartons per minute.
CASI 951 CASI 961 CASI 971
in motion checkweigher checkweigh systems high accuracy checkweigher
The CASI 951 in motion checkweigher is an exceptional value with built in zone control as well as product divert and scanning capabilities. The CASI 961 is a PC based high accuracy checkweigh system with integrated data logging. Perfect for pick verification and integration with scanners. The CASI 971 is a high accuracy case weighing system designed for high speed distribution center use in random check weigh and freight applications.


Washdown, Stainless, Food Grade, and Harsh Environment

CASI 851 Washdown CASI 951 Stainless CASI 951 Washdown/Batch
stainless washdown scale nema 4x checkweigher nema 4x checkweigher
Food grade scale for items up to 11 kg/25 lb – perfect for packaging lines, cold enviornments, and water or chemical washdown. Stainless steel checkweigher great for full cases or optional belt over roller for bags. Typical applications include end of line packing, food, or harsh enviornments. Washdown checkweigher designed for batch runs. Some applications are best with a scale indicator. Most will utilize our standard CASI Core and washdown controller.


Specialty Checkweigh Systems and Software

CASI 841 Lineshaft Retrofit Custom and Mobile Units CASI 700 Series
manufacturing checkweigher custom checkweigh common carrier checkweigher
Integrate a checkweigh scale into an existing lineshaft transportation conveyor without having to cut the conveyor and add a motor. The CASI 2000 is a complete mobile checkweigh system with integrated software. The system is mounted on a custom frame with heavy duty castors. The CASI 710 fills the gap where semi-manual processes are needed. Upgrade to the CASI 730 for powered roller application and auto-index.
SolidCheck™ Checkweigh Manager  
checkweigher software checkweigh manager  
SolidCheck™ is an advanced in-motion scale management tool that integrates scale, scanners or RF readers and controls. Checkweigh Manager is an advanced checkweigh system management module that ships free with every CASI checkweigh system.  


Checkweigh System Accessories

Carton Dimensioner/Cuber Brake Meter/Gapper Conveyor Scanners
carton dimensioning barcode scanning systems barcode scanning systems
The SolidCube 4010 is a carton dimensioning system for use in manifesting and fulfillment. The Solid Gap 9120 brake meter belt is ideal for creating a gap between products or cartons before weighing in motion. CASI supplies fixed position scanners for any Checkweigh application. Factory trained engineers with live assistance.
24 Volt DC Conveyor Pallet Dimensioner/Cuber Sorters
conveyor systems carton dimensioning
The CASI TransMaster™ 24 volt zone control conveyor is a low cost, safe and reliable choice for SolidSuite™ systems. The SolidCube 6961 is a carton pallet dimensioning system. System includes inline pallet scale and cubing. are a low cost medium rate solution used for most SolidSuite™ Systems.

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