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Walz Label & Mailing Systems provides a wide variety of conveyors, conveyor controls, and accessories designed and built by CASI. Our pre-engineered approach guarantees the right conveyor system for your application. There are many considerations such as speed, product type, and integration needs. Our engineers will help you determine the scope and help to establish a realistic budget in designing the right conveyor system.


Standard Conveyors


Our standard conveyors are based on 24 volt technology. Operation is smoothe and quiet. Retrofits are much easier because the conveyor includes powered rollers and built in logic – right out of the crate. No electrical controls cabinets are needed. We also carry a line of traditional 480 volt conveyor including CDLR accumulation, pallet conveyor, slider bed conveyor, and more.


Industrial Conveyors


For heavy duty and heavy industrial conveyor applications, we offer standard 24 volt as well as CDLR industrial and “HD” (heavy duty) versions of most products. Any project that is larger or heavier than standard eqiupment is designed to handle, we will design and build an industrial conveyor or component to fit the need.


CASI TransMaster Series Conveyors Lineup

Belt Conveyor TransMaster 9000 Conveyor TransMaster Washdown
washdown conveyor
Slider belt conveyor provide a consistent and flat surface for movement of cases or packages not intended for roller conveyors. CASI TransMaster™ 9000 24 Volt DC Roller conveyor is a low cost, simple to use, safe product for transporting non wash down items. The CASI TransMaster 9000 SS is a 24 Volt DC washdown conveyor designed for food grade and harsh environments.
TransMaster 8000 Conveyor TransMaster Low Profile TransMaster 90 Degree Curve
zonemaster zonemaster 90 degree curve
The CASI TransMaster 24 Volt DC Roller conveyor is a quiet and efficient conveyor which uses very little power during operation Quiet and efficient low profile belt conveyor designed for easy installation, low aintanence, and a great fit for diverse product lines. Our 90 degree curve features built in ZPA rollers and logic. Plug and play technology means no additional controls required.

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