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SolidSuite utilizes the latest .Net web based applications which allow endless options in terms of customer host interface, fulfillment, dynamic reporting, and every other process found in our standard WCS offering.


  • Web based – RF terminals, computers, etc. can use the interface without running separate application
  • Implementation is extremely simplified
  • Connectivity is simplified – for example, HTTP protocols versus sockets for applications such as pick to voice offers connectivity advantages
  • Endless possibilities with outside connectivity based on business rules, permissions, etc.

Graphical Overview of SolidSuite


supply chain software

wcs software


Walz Label & Mailing Systems has an entire suite of Warehouse Control System (WCS) software covering every process needed for distribution centers and fulfillment operations.

Checkweigh Manager Checkweigh Cube Manager Fulfillment Manager
checkweigh manager checkweigh cube manager automated fulfillment software
Checkweigh Manager is an advanced checkweigh system management module that ships free with every Walz checkweigh system. Checkweigh Cube Manager is an advanced management module that ships free with checkweigh-cubing system. SolidSuite™ Fulfillment Manager serves as a single point of control in automated fulfillment systems.
SolidCheck™ SolidComm™ SolidCount™
in motion scale software legacy interface software automated order processing
SolidCheck™ Single point of control for In-Motion Scale Management. SolidComm™ is a standard interface tool utilized for Legacy Host Interface. SolidCount™ Single point of control for production counting, Automated Order Auditing and Automated Receiving
SolidInspect™ SolidLabel™ SolidRoute™
order inspection compliance labeling sortation software
SolidInspect™ is a powerful vision system management product that serves as a single point of control, incorporating conveyor control and management reports SolidLabel™ Single point of control for Automatic Labeling Systems including compliance labeling & random product labeling and RF Tag compliance SolidRoute™ Single point of control for automatic sortation, zone routing and merge control.
SolidShip™ SolidPack™ SolidPick™
carrier shipping interface order packing software automated picking software
SolidShip™ Single point of control for in motion common carrier manifesting, SolidShip™ can be used to automate your end of line shipping system SolidPack™ is an operator prompted  order picking and carton packing system for variable split case pack stations. SolidPick™ is an operator prompted picking system for variable split case applications in material handling automation.
SolidTrack™ SolidVerify™ SolidWebReports™
WIP software order verification real time reporting software
SolidTrack™ is a Work in Process tracking system that integrates barcode scanners RF Tag readers with your legacy host system. SolidVerify™ barcode verification can be used for label placement, confirmation and diversion of exceptions. SolidWebReports™(SWR)Integrated reporting option for all SolidSuite™ systems. SWR™ provides real time data from conveyor controls, barcode scanners and web cameras
System Manager    
system management software    
SolidSuite™-System Manager provides the tools for monitoring real time conveyor system status so managers & maintenance personnel can react to problems as they happen.    

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