Afinia Label SMR-100

Afinia Label SMR-100

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Type | Label Finishers

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Label Slitter/Rewinder with Matrix Removal

Make small labels and full bleed printing easy

The Afinia Label SMR-100 slitter-rewinder with matrix removal is ideal for applications requiring small labels such as lip balm, health and beauty products and vape labels.


The SMR-100 reduces full-width labels as wide at 8.86" to multiple rolls as narrow as .98".  The SMR-100 can be used as a slitter only or for matrix removal without slitting.


With the SMR-100's waste matrix removal, you're able to use full bleeds without any issue.  Printing edge-to-edge on pre-die-cut media typically means making sure artwork is reaching the edges of the label, while simultaneously preventing too much ink from pooling on the label's waxy backing.  If ink pools, it can cause smudging.


Leaving the waste material intact while printing gives you the freedom to print well over your label's cut line with no risk of ink transfer.



  • Remove waste matrix post-print
  • Slit label/backing as thin as 1"
  • Ideal for small label sizes
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Volume:  Medium to high
  • Max Roll Diameter:  8"
  • Max Web Width:  8.5"
  • Compatible with any printer

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