Afinia Label LT5C

Afinia Label LT5C

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LT5C CMYK + White Label Printer

Print with White on Standard or Specialty Media

The Afinia Label LT5C CMYK+White label printer offers professional five-color narrow format output for a wide variety of markets - from high-durability labels, freezer & cold-storage labels, food and beverages or household goods, the LT5C from Afinia Label an deliver that and more!


5th Station White Toner:  The fifth station white toner allows for white printing, making it easier to print brilliant designs on transparent and dark materials.


Digital LED Print Technology & Substrate Capabilities:  A low fusing temperature gives the LT5C unrivaled media compatibility when handling heat-sensitive synthetics and films.  Dry toner technology gives users the ability to use uncoated and flood-coated stocks.


Media Handling:  Fitting rolls ranging from 1" - 5.1" wide with a maximum OD of 8" gives users to run a variety of labels sizes.  Two types of sensors are used to detect printing position:  Black Mark and Gap making it easy to run both continuous and die-cut media.  The automatic cutter ensures accurate and end-of-job cutting.


The Perfect Companion:  Labels printed on the LT5C can be cut to any size and shape from continuous (uncut) media on the Afinia DLF-140S Tabletop Digital Label Finisher.  It's all done digitally through a simple cut shape you place in a pdf file.  No need for expensive dies or tooling, machinery or wait times.  The computer tells the machine where to cut and how many label to produce - so short runs can be completed easily and quickly.



  • Five-color (CMYK+White) printing
  • Durable (UV, water, abrasion) prints
  • Print on clear, foil, colored, dark or other specialty materials
  • Use pre-die cut or continuous labels
  • Volume:  2,500 - 25,000+ labels per month
  • Ink Cost:  Medium
  • Ink Type:  LED Dry Toner Technology
  • Print Speed:  Up to 9m/min (6ips)
  • High resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Media Width: 1" to 5.1" max
  • Roll Diameter:  8" OD max
  • LCD color display panel 4.3"
  • Media Detection:  Black Mark, Gap or None
  • Auto cutter
  • Size with Unwinder:  41" w x 18.8" d x 17.4" h
  • Weight:  136.7 lbs.

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