Omation 210

Omation 210

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The OMATION® Series 210 Envelopener® is designed with small and medium mail-opening operations in mind.  Ideal for operation processing between 200 and 2000 pcs. per day, this compact tabletop unit seamlessly processes inbound mail in handful -in and handful -out quantities.  The state-of-the-art milling cutter technology found in the Omation® Model 306 has been added to the Series 210, providing complete edge to edge cutting for quick extraction.




The advanced high-speed milling technology found in the Series 210, prevents cut contents and produces a smooth, soft and feathered edge for easy extraction.  Other cutters, such as slicing or guillotine style, can often leave a jagged and rough cut edge that may result in paper cuts or damaged contents.




The Series 210 Envelopener minimizes the amount of waste produced throughout the extraction process.  Since our milling cutter "chips" away the edge of the envelope, the tiny chips are channeled into a large capacity chip bin that can be easily emptied.  This enables the work area to be free of unwanted scraps and waste.




Processing between 200 and 2000 pieces per day (Up to 400 envelopes per minute of 6" envelopes) and the ability to open a wide range of envelope sizes up to .188" thick, the Series 210 Envelopener is the latest addition to the world's most advanced envelope opening product line.


Key Features

  • Milling Cutter:  Minimizes cut contents, eliminates paper cuts and minimizes waste
  • Cut depth Adjustment Knob: Three cut-depth settings for opening a wide variety of mixed mail sizes and thicknesses including flats
  • No-cut setting for envelope counting
  • Opens between 200 and 2000 envelopes per day
  • Speed:  Up to 400 envelopes per minutes (6" envelope)
  • Digital counter and indicator light for chip tray removal
  • Large capacity chip tray per its 3,500 envelopes to be opened before emptying
  • Advanced self-adjusting feeder for efficient mixed mail opening
  • Adjustable output tray easily accommodates flats and longer envelopes
  • Envelope Sizes & Types: All sizes and types including overnight envelopes
  • Thickness:  Up to .188" (4.8mm)
  • Depth of Cut:  From .01" - .07" (.25mm - 1.79mm)
  • Unit Length:  40.5" (1028.7mm) Depth: 16.5" (419.1mm) Height: 14.3" (363.2mm)
  • Unit Weight:  52 lbs. (23.6 kg)

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