Omation 410

Omation 410

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The OMATION® Series 410 Envelopener® offers the performance and features found in a high-end envelope opener but ideal for mid-sized incoming mail operations.  With the addition of an ink jet printer and a 5.5" operator screen, the Series 410 offers supreme functionality and optimized efficiency.  Perfect for operations that process between 200 and 2000 pieces of mixed mail per day, the Series 410's self-adjusting feeder and adjustable cut depth settings enable mixed mail thicknesses and sizes to be fully opened edge to edge.



Needing to date stamp and track your incoming mail is crucial to ensuring accuracy and compliance in some industries and applications.  The integrated ink jet printer can print the date, time and a sequence as the mail is being opened vs adding additional steps to opening mail.



The unrivaled milling cutting technology found in the Omation series of envelopener continues with the Series 410.  Utilizing a milling style cutter, your incoming mail is fully cut edge-to-edge with a feathered edge and no cut contents.


Key Features

  • Milling Cutter:  Minimizes cut contents, eliminates paper cuts and minimizes waste
  • Cut depth Adjustment Knob: Three cut-depth settings for opening a wide variety of mixed mail sizes and thicknesses including thin airmail, flats and overnight envelopes
  • No-cut setting for envelope counting
  • Opens between 200 and 2000 envelopes per day
  • Speed:  Up to 400 envelopes per minutes (6" envelope)
  • Digital counter and indicator light for chip tray removal
  • Large capacity chip tray per its 3,500 envelopes to be opened before emptying
  • Advanced self-adjusting feeder for efficient mixed mail opening
  • Adjustable output tray easily accommodates flats and longer envelopes
  • Quality Ink Jet Printing: Select from a variety of print jobs
  • Print date & time and/or sequence number
  • Envelope Sizes & Types: All sizes and types including overnight envelopes
  • 5.5" display screen
  • Thickness:  Up to .188" (4.8mm)
  • Depth of Cut:  From .01" - .07" (.25mm - 1.79mm)
  • Unit Length:  40.5" (1028.7mm) Depth: 16.5" (419.1mm) Height: 14.3" (363.2mm)
  • Unit Weight:  55 lbs. (24.94 kg)

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