Intimus PacMaster S
PacMaster S

Intimus PacMaster S

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The Intimus PacMaster - The Packaging Material Shredder


Any organization that sends or receives packages is likely to be inundated with corrugated cardboard boxes.  While these boxes are convenient and sturdy, what happens when they reach their end-of-life?


The Intimus PacMaster packaging material shredder provides a unique type of corrugated recycling.  They transform used corrugated cartons/boxes into valuable padding material and packaging filler.  The resulting stuffing material ensure reliable protection during shipping - even for sensitive and heavy goods.  These practical filler material shredders pay for themselves quickly.


Available in two models:  The PacMaster S and the PacMaster VS (the VS model works with Vario-Speed (VS).  This drive concept optimizes the working speed depending on the shred load.  The VS also has a higher cutting speed, larger shredding capacity and can shred cartons up to 3 layers.


Key Features

  • Shreds old and obsolete cardboard into robust packaging material
  • Well design controls including lockable power switch and emergency stop switch
  • Size guide on the work surface
  • Extremely robust steel plate housing
  • The VS model works with Vario-Speed
  • Pad Grid:  1.57" x 4.33" / 4 x 110 mm
  • Shredding Capacity:  S: 5 - 7 m3/h / VS: 7 - 11 m3/h
  • Carton:  S: 2-3 layers / VS: 3 layers
  • Cutter feed width/height:  16.75" x .590" / 415/15 mm
  • Cutting Speed:  S:  0.18 m/s / VS: 0.09 - 0.29 m/s
  • Weight:  452 lbs.
  • Dimensions:  27.16" w x 18.5" d x 37.50" h
  • Made in Germany

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