Endicia Address Correction API

Endicia Address Correction API

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On-Demand Data Quality Address Programming Interface (API) Solutions


Endicia APIs let Walz Label and Mailing Systems embed USPS® services into customer applications and websites. These APIs provide the capability to validate addresses, print customized postage, and more!



Correct bad addresses before you ship! The Dial-A-ZIP Application Programming Interface (API) is a small set of functions that may be called by any Windows application to provide address verification and correction.


Label Server API


Endicia Label Server allows us to integrate USPS shipping into your existing CRM. ERP, WMS, or Host System with out having to add additional software, change your workflow, or leave your application.


  • Print Postage Label
  • Calculate Postage Rate
  • Buy Postage
  • Get Account Status
  • Change Pass Phrase
  • Reset Pass Phrase
  • Get Version
  • Refund Request
  • User Signup Request
  • Status Request
  • Transactions Listing Request
  • Dial-A-Zip Address Validation
  • SCAN Form Request
  • Package Pickup Request
  • Reset Suspended Account Status

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