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Quadient e-Validate

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Address Validation Made Easy!


Ensure no mail is left undelivered again with ConnectSuite e-Validate! 


Easily cleans, corrects and updates customer contact data.  Ensure that invoices, statements, parcels and other communications are received in a timely manner and critical to any business.


Ensure no mail is left undelivered again.  ConnectSuite e-Validate is a remarkably simple cloud-based address correction service from Quadient, that quickly and easily validate customer addresses in a few simple clicks. No downloads or training required.


Returned mail due to bad addresses can become a significant cost issue.  Not only are you paying for the cost of returned or undeliverable mail, but issues like late payments, angry customers and lost leads can further impact your business.


Protect and correct your customer database.  ConnectSuite e-Validate is a powerful, user-friendly tool that an identify and repair bad addresses.  Let e-Validate do the hard work in three easy steps.


1.  Upload your contact list

2.  Map your data

3.  Submit your file to be cleaned.


Address information is verified against the USPS® database and incorrect data is identified and automatically corrected.


ConnectSuite e-Validate; the only tool needed to end Undeliverable-as-Addressed mail.



  • USPS CASS Certified™ for address validation
  • Real-time NCOA updates, to ensure your database is kept current
  • Append additional information to enhance your contact lists such as email append or validation, phone append & validate or reverse phone look up and more.
  • Save up to $25 per mail piece by eliminating returned mail and parcels
  • Maximize sales by ensuring marketing materials reach the right people
  • Improves deliverability by correcting addresses for customer who have moved or addresses that are formatted incorrectly.
  • Increases cash flow by eliminating late payments and unpaid invoices.
  • Reduces operational expenses resulting from wasted postage, materials and labor.

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