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Evolve to Multi-Channel Delivery for your Customer Communications


Many of today's customers are selecting digital document delivery as their preferred communication channel.  As a result, companies are embracing technology in order to meet this rising demand as well as deliver a better customer experience.  Companies are also looking for ways to drive more efficiency into their everyday operations by transitioning customers to paperless communications.  Among its many disadvantages, paper-based communications are costly and often require manual processing.  It is not easy to track documents or payment status.


What is Quadient Impress Portal?

Impress Portal replaces paper-based communications, making it easy for your customers to receive, review and search documents in their own dedicated, secure document portal.  You gain complete control over your entire outbound customer communication workflow.


What are the benefits of digital delivery?

  • Speed up the document delivery process
  • Receive payments faster
  • Reduce costs
  • Enhance corporate image
  • Improve document visibility and tracking
  • Let customers choose how they transact with you
  • Remain competitive

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