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All-In-One Document Automation Platform

Does your business rely on OUTDATED manual processes to send critical transactional document?

Every day external factors like customer expectations, government mandates, and a remote workforce are adding more complexity to your mailing operations.  In today's rapidly changing environment, the ability to adept and respond will determine your long-term success.


Now more than ever, it is time to rethink how you manage and send critical customer communications.



Quadient Impress is a user-friendly, cloud-based, scalable platform that automates your entire customer communication workflow to help you meet business challenges now and in the future.  Quadient Impress give you the flexibility to send transactional documents via any combination of channels - print, digital or outsource.  Quadient Impress gives you complete control over all your outbound documents.


Quadient Impress includes power applications and services to help you support today's needs and adapt to tomorrows changing requirements.  Each application works independently or seamlessly together.  The platform's modular architecture allows you to configure your solution to meet you specific needs and evolve at your own pace as your business grows.


Impress Automate

Significantly decrease the time it takes to prepare outbound communications while ensuring document integrity and security.  Automate manual processes related to the creation, distribution, and output of critical customer communications such as invoices, statements, notices and letters.  Automating your document preparation and distribution process reduces your exposure to potential errors and compliance risks.  When used with mailing equipment, such as a folder inserter, the solution manages pre-set business rules based on specific customer criteria to ensure the right document goes into the right envelope.


Impress Portal

Send critical communications to your customers through their own eco-friendly, branded and secure document portal.  Replace paper-based communications and transition to digital delivery by sending documents through a branded web portal.  Documents are automatically stored in the customer's portal for easy retrieval while providing you with greater visibility to ensure important documents promptly reach their intended recipient.


Impress Dispatch

Leverage your existing infrastructure and ensure brand consistency by centralizing business communications.  Impress Dispatch consolidated consolidates desktop communications from multiple office locations and is ideal for organizations with an on-site and remote workforce.


Outsourced Hybrid Mail

Quadient's unique outsourced hybrid mail solution allows you to print, sort, stuff, meter as well as deliver the mail to the post office all without leaving your desk.


A Platform That Grows With You

Future-proof your business with a one-time investment that lets you and your employees spend more time innovating and less time administrating.

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