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Add Value to Every Customer Communication with Quadient Impress Dispatch

Not all mail is planned or sent in bulk.  Individual communications, or ad hoc mail, is part of every company's operations and fluctuates on a daily basis.  While some companies may have a mail center, they may not have an effective way to manage ad hoc mail.


What is ad hoc mail?

Ad hoc mail is any customer communication that falls outside of your regular bulk distribution schedule.  This may include documents like appointment reminders, insurance policy updates, mortgage application letters, court summons, product announcements or special offers.  Ad hoc mail contains critical and at times confidential information.  The better the quality product your company puts out, the better it reflects on your business and drives growth.


What are the benefits of managing ad hoc mail?

If ad hoc mail is not managed in the right way, there is a possibility that it would negatively affect your organization.

  • Communicating a unified brand image
  • Ensuring compliance and security
  • Offering multi-channel delivery


Why choose Impress Dispatch?

Quadient's Impress Dispatch is an ideal solution for managing ad hoc mail.  It leverages your existing infrastructure and allows unlimited employees to prepare, review and approve outgoing ad hoc documents from any location and automatically send them to your mail production center or to your customer's dedicated, secure document portal.

  • Ease of use and personalization
  • Improved customer and employee experience
  • Optimized resources to minimize costs
  • Governance

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